Maitricks for data analysis

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With the Maitricks suite you are 100% sure of the reliability of your data and you save time in your analyses.

Multi-source data

Marketing sources, back office, sales, finances, forecasts... All your data is integrated on our servers and updated automatically. No need to update your reports anymore, Maitricks does it for you.

Homogeneous data

Thanks to our rule sets and our grouping algorithms, you can easily filter and segment your data according to all your needs. No more dimensional and matching issues, Maitricks makes it easy for you so you can put your data to work in no time.

An evolving experience

With Maitricks, you adapt your reports to any situation. A new source, a new indicator or even a new report to create? You add them in a few minutes and share this information with your colleagues in the blink of an eye.

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