Free your campaigns search with K-ONE for dynamic search ads

Feed the bidding algorithms with content from your website. K-ONE multiplies the pages made available and updates your links automatically. You are sure to always have 100% of your catalog online on your campaigns with the best links.

page content improves SEA campaigns and marketing performance

Automatic updates of your dynamic search ads and Performance Max urls

More relevant landing pages for a better quality score

Develop the long tail and display on queries that you were not targeting

Feed your SEO teams with new search terms.

How does it work?

Mapping links and filters

Selecting pages and filters to use and update

URL labeling

Apply as many labels as you want to make it easier to structure your campaigns and update them.

Provision of flows

Maitricks sends page feeds directly to your Google ads and Microsoft advertising accounts

Create your campaigns and ad groups

Use labels to structure your account and segment your traffic on the right categories and pages of your website.

Enter the future of search advertising with K-ONE

Develop your search campaigns and maximum performance

  • K ONE makes all of the pages of your website available in your campaigns in order to feed the algorithms with quality content for a better quality score and optimal cost per click.
vision of the synergy between channels in a media mix
use of urls in paid referencing

Increase your reach without keywords

  • The SEO content of your site allows you to capture up to 50% additional queries via paid search campaigns while redirecting Internet users to your best results.

Implement a 100% search strategy

  • Collaborate with SEO and product teams to improve the content of your pages and products and create a virtuous circle between SEO, SEA and shopping.
synergies between natural referencing and paid referencing

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